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The U.S. Kids is the largest

junior golf cicuit in the world

The Venice International Junior Open
is the U.S. Kids tournament both for those
who are just tyring their hand and who already champions

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An internationally recognized competition valid for junior golf score board and U.S. Kids status for international qualifications

Valido per il Ranking Nazionale e Zonale

Where everyone is a protagonist

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Will take place in a unique location

The U.S. Kids Junior tournament will be held at the PlayGolf 54 where fantastic hotels, a superlative relaxation center and
a 9-hole course are located


A championship course for more expert players

Golf della Montecchia

A few minutes away from Galzignano’s thermal pools, more expert players will try their luck playing at the Montecchia Golf Course, the headquarters of prestious international golf tournaments.


Headed towards success

The Venice International Junion Open
will head you in the direction of the U.S. Kids
European and American circuits.

U.S. Kids Golf

The U.S. Kids Open is waiting for you

And promises a fun, unforgettable experience.

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