Actions 2020

The 2020 edition of UsKids Venice Open took place in accordance with sustainability criteria and, first of all, in full compliance with the antiCovid 19 regulations.
Beyond what was already organized for the previous edition, other activities were implemented, these are some of them:

  •   “Operation Pollinator” initiative is ongoing with the production and sale of the Miele Millebuche (Thousand Holes Honey); a second “insect house” has been installed.
  •   “Plastic free project” involving the installation of automatic water dispensers throughout the golf course, distribution of water bottles, recyclable glasses and bamboo tees.
  •   Collection of plastic cups in order to support the volunteers at the Padua Hospital Association.
  •   Fundraising for charity-related organization promoting the “Protezione Civile” (Civil Protection Department).
  •   “Healthy meal” operation, to build personalized menus with preference for local, seasonal and organic food.
  •   Use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper.
  •   Forty-five trees have been planted in the golf course.
  •   Organization of shared transports, in order to contain CO2 emissions.
  •   Reuse of banners and other equipmen utilized in the previous edition.
  •   Sponsors and technical partners were selected in light of their activities involved inenvironmental sustainability.
  •   A floating Island was installed to protect the nests of coots in the lake near the 9th hole.
  •   Communication and sharing of the environmental sustainability message with youngplayers and their families, visitors and technical partners.
  •   Specific questionnaire for children and family members.