Actions 2022

The 2022 edition of UsKids Venice Open took place in accordance with sustainability criteria.
All the actions taken for the previous editions have been carried out and have been improved and others have been done:

  • Operation Pollinator

– production and sale of honey “Miele Millebuche” (Thousand Holes Honey)
– new hives has been installed both in Golf Montecchia and in Golf Frassanelle
– increased the wild area both in in Golf Montecchia and in Golf Frassanelle with specific signs placement – introduction of new floral species

  • Plastic free project

– installation of automatic water dispensers throughout the golf course – distribution of water bottles and bamboo tees
– collection of plastic cups
– waste management

  • Fundraising for charity-related organization

– Isola che c’è (Pediatrich Hospital of Padua)
– AVO (Volunteers at Padua Hospital Association)

  • Healthy meal operation

– new food and beverage management in Montecchia and Frassanelle in compliance with health and environmental sustainability
– possibility of personalized menus with preference for local, seasonal and organic food
– creation of a organic vegetable garden in Golf Montecchia
– golf car “food&beverage“ fitted out with recycled materials

  • “3 R” initiative

– launched the 3R initiative, in order to maximise our Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing

several items produced with over 95% of recycled materials ( reuse of 80% of banners and other equipment utilized in the previous edition, unserviceable banners utilized in the previous editions used for other purposes, house for our organic garden, furniture of superintendent’s office and caddy master, insect houses, garbage cans, green flags and driving range targets)

  • Golf Course Restyling

– course restyling plan was launched in order to increase the maintenance sustainability- the works are mainly affecting the bunkers also through a development of a new technology

  • Other actions

– use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper
– sponsors and technical partners selection in light of their activities involved in environmental sustainability
– communication and sharing of the environmental sustainability message with young players and their families, visitors and technical partners
– increased communication on social media and in local and national media
– specific questionnaire for children and family members, staff and volunteers
– 1% of the tournament registration fees reserved for the purchase of new trees to be planted on the golf course