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A Music talent hunt for kids learning to play golf.


A new platform to find and feature young singers between the ages of 5 and 18.

The voice of Golf Talent Contest is an initiative that seeks, finds, and features new talent showcasing gifted singers who will perform live on stage during the Welcome Party of the Second Edition of the U.S. Kids Open which will be held on August 18, 2016.

A jury headed by Umberto Labozzetta and the staff of the Daigo Music School will be the hosts of the talent show and will be present to encourage the contestants, to give them useful advice and, finally, to proclaim the winner of the first edition of the Voice of Golf Contest. The winner will be given the opportunity to cut an audio track free of charge at the Daigo Music Production Studio, an incredible experience and, for most, a dream come true.

The recording will then be put online on YouTube and shared with the principal portals and sites linked to the golfing world and others.

Participating is easy. Just enter into the site and click on the  section and register. You need to write a short sketch presenting yourself and load a video of yourself singing.


Modality to participate in the “Voice of Golf Contest”

  1. Subject Organization and Event Denomination. Name of the company and Vat Number         ———, organizes the event called “Voice of Golf Contest” which will be held, as is outlined below.
  2. Place: The manifestation will take place online and at the Galzignano Terme Golf Course located in Viale delle Terme, 82 -35030 Galzignano (Padova, Italy).
  3. Date: It is possible to register free of charge through the website beginning on—-   and until August 1st. The event itself will be held on August 18th 2016.
  4. Applicable Territory : The territorial limit for participation has been established with an international reference.
  5. Addressees: The manifestation is free of charge and open to all young golfers who will be participating in the U.S. KIDS VENICE OPEN 2016 and who think they have singing talent. Single persons or groups made up of at the most 8 persons can participate. Minors must be accompanied by a person who wields legal parental authority who will need to sign a release.
  6. Participation modality: In order to participate in the manifestation interested parties must fill out the form in the dedicated section in the site and load a video of him/herself by clicking on the button thus authorizing its publication in the network. He/she must all fill out the       disclaimer that can be unloaded from the site and sent to the e-mail address——-. Videos that uploaded must not exceed 1.5 minutes or 20MB. It will be possible to enroll and to load the video until August 1, 2016. The organizer reserves the right to reject any videos that are not considered suitable or in the event that the disclaimer signed by the participant or, if he she is a minor/ by the legal tutor, has not arrived.
  7. Modality: It will be possible for users to enter the site in which the videos have been uploaded to express their preference on a one to 5 star basis which will be visualized next to the video. A single user can express a preference only once for each video. Beginning on August 5th 2016 it will no longer be possible to upload videos or express a preference. The organization will select 10 finalists from the 20 videos that have received the most preferences. The 10 participants who are selected will be invited to perform on stage at the open ceremony on August 18th 2016 in front of the jury. The organization will contact the finalists to organize the technical aspects of the performance. Any of the finalists who are contacted who should not be available to participate due to adverse causes or personal choice will be substituted by other participants who will be chosen from among the contestants ranking below the top ten.
  8. Final exhibition of the winners: On August 18th, during the U.S. Kids Venice Open welcome party at the Terme di Galzignano Golf Course, a technical service and a stage will be available and the finalists will be able to perform in front of the jury——-. All of the participants will receive a certificate of attendance; one finalist will also receive an honorary/special recognition by the jury.
  9. Liability for damages. a) The organization reserves the faculty to annul a part or the entire manifestation in the event of force majeure; b) The participants in the contest or those who will substitute them must declare that they are healthy and of robust constitution. c) The organization entirely declines all responsibility with regard to damage to things or persons that should occur in the course of the various phases of the manifestation, both damage caused to or by the participants themselves or by the persons accompanying them. d) The organization likewise declines all responsibility with regard to the contents of the videos and sound recordings prepared for the contest. Participation in the manifestation implies accepting without reserve these regulations and all other integrating rules that the organizer reserves to introduce (providing timely information to the participants) and which shall be considered as having the same value as these herein regulations for participation.
  10. All decisions for anything that has not been contemplated in these regulations remain in the hands of the organizer.